Can You Save the World? (Game)

How does science affect our everyday lives?

Spring 2020 saw lots of the world in 'lockdown' and having to keep away from each other.

Coronavirus and the science around protecting people from its impact suddenly had a huge impact on the everyday life of almost the whole world. 

'Can You Save the World?' is a game has been developed as a fun way to help children and young people learn about important things like social distancing measures and how we can change our behaviour in response to what we learn from science. 

Players have to keep away from people in a busy street, collecting healthy food, groceries and masks to donate, and avoiding sneezes.

The longer you manage to stay distant, the more lives you save! Click here to play.

Science has a big impact on our lives and sometimes that can be hard! Thinking about the impact of things like viruses can lead us to lots of other kinds of questions. Take a look at our questions and resources about ethics and suffering for more.