Museum of Zoology Online - Cambridge University

Experience a world of discoveries from your home

Our world is full of wonderful things to explore and discover. For hundreds of years, museums have been building up collections of some of the world's most wonderful discoveries.

Cambridge University Museum of Zoology have a whole range of online activities for children and young people.

The Puggle Club for under 5s (named after a baby echidna) features stories, makes and activities like their 'Animal Alphabet' and 'Make your own Frogspawn'.

The Nature Classroom is a wonderful place for 5-11s to learn about the natural world. Featuring animal profiles, hands on activities and more, uncovering the secrets of skeletons, the evolution of animal life, and the way animals and plants live together.

And check out their other ideas and resources like Crafty Creatures and Wildlife from your Window

Museums help us to explore the world whilst we stay closer to home.

Lots of the people who have made all these wonderful discoveries thought about the world as God’s creation. How does exploring all these amazing things make you feel?

Check out some of our questions and resources about evolution and the environment for more!