The Curious Crime

In The Curious Crime, Julia Golding has created a truly wonderful exploration of what it means to be human. From the outset we are invited to consider the realities of life in times gone by in a world that draws on our own history. But the mysterious world of the museum also introduces a fascinating distinction, prompting us to imagine a place where asking certain types of question is praised, while other questions are scorned or even forbidden. Through the enquiring eyes of Ree and Henry we discover how asking all kinds of questions is not only necessary for investigating a crime, but fundamental to being human. The fascinating characters we meet in The Curious Crime show us how all human endeavours, including art, music, poetry, science, engineering, and religion are connected by creativity, imagination, and an insatiable quest for better understanding of the world around us. This extraordinary book encourages us to consider the mysteries of humanity from the bonds of friendship and family to the wonders of our world and the universe of which we are a part. This story will inspire and empower readers to ask questions, explore their world and take their place in the irresistible search for answers handed down from one generation of humans to the next.

Julia Golding
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Lion Hudson