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Science, Religion, Robots and AI

Talking to Children and Teenagers about Science, Religion, Robots and AI

Hi there, and welcome to this space where you can explore some of the big questions young people and teens are asking about science and religion. We have prepared some age-appropriate starter ‘answers’ to help you explore these topics with them - answers which value, and bring together, current knowledge and ideas from religion and mainstream science. 

Choose your age range from the menu on the left, then click on a question below to read some thoughts about God, robotics and artificial intelligence. You can also click on ‘Scientists’ to meet some scientists of faith who study this topic!

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  • Why are we talking about robots?

    Robots are special man-made machines that can do useful jobs for us.

    Some robots can be used by doctors to look after sick people. Some robots can travel to faraway planets and help us learn amazing new things about those places. Some robots can even build cars, planes and other things in factories.

    Robots are being used to do more and more different things and so it’s important for us to ask big questions about how we treat robots and whether there are any things they shouldn’t be used for.

    Talking about robots also gets us asking exciting questions about humans and what makes us special, and what amazing things robots could be used for in the future.

    We’ll be adding more big questions on this topic, so keep checking this page!

  • John Wyatt

    Professor John Wyatt is a medical doctor, professor of medicine and ethics and a Christian.

    Rosalind Picard

    Professor Rosalind Picard is a computer scientist, inventor, engineer, professor and Christian. 


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