Science and Religion Communication Training

For teachers, trainee teachers, church workers, scientists of faith

Why does science and religion communication matter?

Research indicates that, despite great interest in matters of science and religious faith, children and young people often lack suitable opportunities to explore their questions. Lots of different people are involved in supporting young people as they consider their big questions about the interactions of science and faith, and the implications of what they discover. We have found that particularly effective and valuable approaches combine direct influence from (and interaction with) enthusiastic scientists of faith with effective, confident support and follow-up from teachers, church children's workers and others.

Consequently, in addition to offering events for young people of all ages, The Faraday Institute’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic youth and schools team are dedicated to providing training to better equip and inspire teachers, church children's and youth workers, scientists of faith, and others who influence the way children and young people think about science, faith and their interactions. The Youth and Schools Programme offers various training programmes tailored to suit these different groups.

Did you know we also produce classroom resources for use by primary and secondary RE and science teachers? Head over to our resource section to find out more, or to the Faraday shop to buy or download for free.