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We offer visits to explore your young people's questions about science and religion, in schools, churches and more... 

Why does science and religion communication matter?

Creating space for young people to consider the interactions of science and religious faith is a vitally important part of equipping them to explore their place and purpose in the universe, and to constructively engage with science, religion and society throughout their lives.

Research findings indicate that, from a young age, many children and young people have significant interest in matters of science and religious faith but that opportunities to explore their questions are rare. Creating these valuable opportunities can be challenging: science and religious education classes, Sunday school, church youth settings and news reports often raise big science-faith questions, without providing the opportunity or information to fully engage with them. This can leave teachers, parents, church youth workers and others feeling they lack the time, confidence, resources or expertise to engage with these important ideas.

As well as offering training events to equip and support educators and communicators, The Faraday Institute’s thriving youth and schools programme also aims to help by providing opportunities for young people of all ages to interact with inspirational, expert role models and explore these vital interdisciplinary questions in exciting and accessible ways.